Capability Building

We are living in a highly transitional and disruptive period. The challenges we face are more complex and interconnected than ever. To rise to these challenges, organisations must develop and implement new capabilities, technologies, and ways of working while many face capacity shortages, and widespread cognitive overload. Education providers must rethink curriculums, the student experience, and the value proposition for teachers to remain impactful into future.

How we can help

Whether it’s an enterprise-wide educational strategy, or bespoke training for your unique challenge, ThinkPlace can help with your:

  • Designing, piloting, and implementing innovative cohort-based education programs
  • Targeted bespoke training to deliver rapid capability uplifts
  • Co-designing immersive scenario-based, or group problem-based learning experiences
  • Profiling learning needs to deliver better returns on your education investment
  • Training and education re-design to bring your services to the cutting edge

Case studies

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Designing the education curriculum for Innovation Hubs in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville
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Designing for more transparent environmental economic accounting data
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