National Security, Law Enforcement and Defence

National and domestic security is a complex space, running to a high pace of change and with a need to collaborate in the interests of society – from the scale of the community to that of nations and regions. The operation of justice systems – from policing, the courts and corrections to watchdogs and anti-corruption programs – is critical to a vibrant and fair society. As shifts in technology and society continue to transform justice systems around the world, the move to transform has only gathered momentum and pace. Innovative programs and interventions to identify, reduce and deter crime, offending and recidivism require justice system interactions with a range of other systems, such as mental health, education and taxation, across tiers of government. ThinkPlace works with Federal and state levels of national security, law enforcement and defence.

How we can help

  • Business innovation and transformations: Working to change underlying models and processes to improve intelligence flow and operational effectiveness
  • Strategic vision: Bringing together decision-makers, specialists, government and industry partners and front-line experience to reimagine security
  • Digital and data capabilities: Creating the digital tools and data assets needed to optimise operations from strategy and programs to the field and the frontline
  • Disruptive exercises: From red-teaming to scenario pressure cookers, to reality-test strategy, operations and interventions and trigger intensive innovation
  • Cultural shifts: Building the readiness of new and experienced leaders and officers to take on new paradigms and challenges, and hold a different posture in the national security realm –
  • Organisational blueprints: Defining new roles, structures and relationships that underpin major change and empower your people to achieve or enable profound outcomes for society
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