ThinkPlace achievements

Good Design Award for Design Strategy (2021)

How might we transform Hume’s service-delivery model to reimagine and redesign how their customers experience community housing? ThinkPlace worked with Hume to co-design the future experience of customers and employees through the development of a Customer Experience Strategy. We took a unique, human-centred approach to collaboratively design strategic, practical change.

Winner, Strategy and Research Award – Core77 Design Awards (2021)

In 2021, ThinkPlace was awarded the Community Choice Prize as the winner of Strategy & Research for the Core77 Design Awards, a prestigious organisation recognising design innovation across product, strategy, and interaction design. ACT NoWaste contracted ThinkPlace to undertake a mixed research method to formulate, execute and analyse waste centre behaviours to effectively design a wayfinding solution that considered the ideal future state for waste resource communication. Our efforts demonstrated our research strategy and methodologies, that, when combined, create a comprehensive and human-centred wayfinding design.

German Design Award Winner for CSIRO RAPTA visualisation (2020)

RAPTA is a tool developed for the UN to create interventions that improve community resilience to climate-related risk. The tool, though potentially powerful, wasn't well understood. ThinkPlace brought together researchers and designers to create a visualisation that better depicts how to use RAPTA. We ran group sketching workshops, iterating towards a shared output that is now being used by to tackle critical issues such as food security and natural disasters in Africa, Asia and Australia.

German Design Award Winner for Cards Against Neutrality (2020)

Cards Against Neutrality is a game that will help you become familiar with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and explore their relevance to the arts and cultural sectors. The game guides you to apply elements of design thinking, including problem solving, rapid prototyping and strategic thinking. ThinkPlace made this game to help arts and cultural organisations become key partners in moving the needle on the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Winner, Strategy and Research Award – Core77 Design Awards (2020)

Our project, Sex Work Is Real Work, conducted by the ThinkPlace Kenya studio, was awarded the Community Choice Prize for Strategy & Research by Core77. This project involved using a combination of both in-depth exploratory research and behavioural insights research -  to understand the latent motivators, decision-making pathways, and behavioural norms that can be optimised for increasing the uptake of Oral PrEP, a preventative HIV medication, amongst female sex workers in Kenya.

Good Design Award for Social Impact (2019)

ThinkPlace designed, ran and facilitated Our Languages Matter, a process that encourages and facilitates greater inclusion of Aboriginal people, language and custom in place-naming throughout Victoria. Our Australia-first process brings together traditional owners, naming authorities and others to collaboratively and justly reshape how places are named and why.

Grand Prize Winner, Design for Social Impact – Core77 Design Awards (2019)

Conducted by the ThinkPlace Kenya team, Not Only Informed. Confident. is a social impact design piece to improve the experience of young women in the health system in Mozambique. This project has improved the way that Gaza-based healthcare providers offer consultations, and we are so proud of that. Moreover, it has humanized and personalized the process of taking up a contraceptive method, as it should be. By leveraging providers role in counseling through a personalized approach, it has enabled a shift in the space--the counseling experience--which was previously considered to be a provider-centric space to one where adolescents' needs and expectations are...

Strategy and Research Award – Core77 Design Awards (2018)

In 2019, ThinkPlace led a global research strategy to co-create new learning and communication tools to explain and contextualise gender equality to staff of all locations and job types for Plan International, a global NGO comprised of 10,000 staff spread across 75 countries unified by the mission of "advancing children's rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries", towards a world where "Girls Get Equal."

Social Change Maker of the Year (2018)

ThinkPlace was awarded the prestigious national Telstra Business Award ‘Social Change Maker of the Year’ ​(Australia, 2018)​