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Think about a challenge you might have

Something complex, where action seems difficult, stakeholders are dug into positions and the status quo feels intractable.

We tackle challenges like this all over the world, every day.

Whether it’s a new strategy, a policy initiative, a digital transformation, a service delivery innovation, a change to your organisation, or a research need to guide decision-making, ThinkPlace helps leaders from the public, private and NGO sectors change things for the better.

We understand that design needs to zoom out to consider the complex system it will alter, and also zoom in to engage with lived experience. That’s why co-design is at the heart of how we design change. We help you engage with users, stakeholders and other critical voices whose needs and insights play an essential part in shaping preferred futures.

We work with you to take on the complexity of how people experience products, services and regulation; how they navigate complex systems like health or education, energy or employment; environmental or national security; and how new initiatives can be optimised and implemented to deliver for society, economy and environment, all at once.

To help you tackle challenges, we rely upon a vast toolbox, with world-leading approaches to design thinking, research, innovation, transformation in complex systems, and an array of deep topic expertise.


Our award-winning team combines capability in design thinking, behavioural insights and big data as well as a commitment to pioneering mindsets, methods and tools that place us at the 'bleeding edge' of global change-making.

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