Working towards a
preferred future


How we work

We work with you to crystallise intent that drives the change you want to make.

Together, we co-create a preferred future, designing in a people-centred way that begins with empathy for all in the system.

We assemble and broker diverse voices to understand challenges and systems from new perspectives. Expert facilitation and co-design methods engender radical collaboration with shared goals.

We target and adapt our ThinkPlace Design System to meet each client and each challenge, deploying a comprehensive toolkit of approaches and methods. We introduce you to techniques that foster divergent thinking, creating new possibilities and options.

A prototyping mindset makes ideas visible early, and then collaboratively evolves them, testing and learning to converge on solutions and lessen risk.


The challenges we face today are increasingly complex.

They take place in complex systems made up of inter-connected and intersecting actors, each with their own motivations, limitations and characteristics. Immersion in the human experience through ethnographic research and human-centred design provides depth.


Complexity theory and big data contribute breadth of understanding.


Scenario planning explores possible futures over time.


Strategy, behavioural insights, gamification and other disciplines translate intent to system-level change


We push beyond what is acceptable to do what is good.

ThinkPlace works with people to create vibrant communities, strong economies, sustainable environments and trusted institutions.

Our research and work

  • Has a positive impact
  • Is ethical in intent and execution,
  • Contributes to a public good outcome for people, communities and the planet
  • Gives back to the “researched” by making their voice present at the decision-making table.

When exploring a problem through research we make sure to avoid biases, ensure no harm comes to participants, and use the insights we generate as an ethical foundation for positive impact

We do not tolerate

  • Corruption in any of its forms
  • The exploitation of people experiencing vulnerability
  • The maltreatment of children
co-designing with indigenous people

We respect the special rights of Indigenous peoples

We believe that indigenous people around the world have a unique, powerful perspective that should be harnessed in the design of societal systems. We respectfully seek opportunities to collaborate with Indigenous communities, working to ensure these crucial voices have presence and influence at the design table.