Innovation is about helping clients explore new possibilities and models, and provoke, design, develop and implement ideas at every scale that create profound value.

We do this through activating human creativity, organisational strategy and data assets, and by harnessing emerging technologies and human-centered approaches. Our approach to innovation creates and executes ideas that aligns with strategy, resonates with customer and stakeholder needs, and that have meaningful impact.

Whether you’re responding to an emerging priority, enhance services, streamlining processes, optimising resource allocation, or totally transforming your business model, innovation creates the collaboration, resilience, and adaptability needed to power innovation that sticks.

Why ThinkPlace?

  • We view innovation through a design lens to foster a culture of creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement.
  • We ensure innovation has a purpose and creates value for an organisation.
  • We bring a fresh perspective, can cut through the bureaucracy and get things done.
  • We constantly work with national and international institutions and organisations to help them innovate in the face of some of the most complex and fast-moving challenges facing societies, economies and planet

How ThinkPlace can help

  • Design science and innovation policy and strategy: Designing new ideas based on research, encouraging R&D, and creating safeguards and ethical controls.
  • Innovation strategy and portfolio assessment: Ensuring a balanced portfolio of innovations and allocation of resources to achieve strategic goals.
  • New venture creation: Launching new ventures in the market to explore opportunities.
  • Rapid prototyping and testing: Using design sprints and methods of rapid prototyping of early concepts.
  • Consumer insights: Building an understanding of consumers and markets to make strategic decisions and innovate.
  • Organic growth strategy: Building capabilities and strategic goals to identify and pursue opportunities for growth.
  • Value proposition design: Designing organisational and service value propositions to provide a differentiator in market.
  • Open innovation processes: Helping to crowdsource solutions to problems.
  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship: Using innovation processes and methods to achieve social and community outcomes.
  • Innovation culture and capability building: Undertaking innovation culture assessments and training for teams and leaders to build an environment for innovation.

Case studies

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