Business, Economies and Education

People’s experience of industry, education and employment is critical to achieving both individual aspirations, and in aggregate, creating a healthy and productive society. The education and employment system is grappling with new technologies, new models of learning and working, and changing demand for skillsets and mindsets that are creating seismic shifts across business, society and government. The rise of AI is already changing how people learn and work, and how organisations build and use capability. Workforces are able to be more distributed than ever, with virtual meetings, digital collaboration and the rise of cloud-everything enabling new and previously unthinkable opportunities for recruitment and operation. Industry is facing pressure to innovative in a way that is authentically sustainable. Policy-making and sectoral strategy need a cohesive understanding of data that extends beyond any one life stage, to build a full, long-term picture.

How we can help

  • Policy co-design: Engage stakeholders on a shared design journey to explore the challenges and create the policy vision to shape the future system.
  • Business and regulatory strategy: Helping organisations in the education and employment system to chart their forward path in a way that harnesses the disruption and takes on the opportunities for greater impact.
  • Blueprinting transformations: Taking a co-design approach to reshaping business models of organisations, sectors and agencies.
  • Designing enterprise strategy: Using digital systems, future vision, direction and waypoints for organisations as they progress on their multi-horizon digital
  • Service experience design: Designing service experiences that work for all in society, creating useful, usable, ethical and inclusive outcomes for people at every stage of their integrated education and employment journey.
  • Ethnographic research and co-design: Understanding the needs and behaviours of those engaged in education, jobseeking or employment, from people living with disability in OECD countries to school-aged girls in remote villages in developing countries.

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