AI and Digital Governance

There is almost no area of government, industry or society that hasn’t been transformed by the rise of digital. This transformation is rapidly accelerating as artificial intelligence reshapes our world.

Governments are wrestling with the implications of AI’s integration into the digital landscape. They are not only navigating the complexities of regulation, service delivery, and policy-making within this new paradigm but also continuing their efforts to establish comprehensive digital frameworks for the entire economy. This encompasses aspects like identity management, data exchange, digital services, and computational capacity. These shifts are not only challenging business and regulatory models but also reshaping organisational culture, leadership, and capacity in unprecedented ways.

Similarly, industries are embracing increasingly sophisticated digital models and AI-enabled services. The imperatives of ethics, strategy, and adaptability are ever-present considerations for boards and the C-suite.

Remaining attuned to the risks and opportunities inherent in the digital and AI domains, while staying current with the swiftly evolving state of community trust and social acceptance, continues to be pivotal in achieving favourable outcomes from digital advancements for societies, environments, and economies.

How we can help

AI Readiness Assessment​

  • Get your agency set up for AI success with our comprehensive AI readiness assessment.​
  • Using our public sector-specific AI maturity model, we evaluate your readiness top-to-bottom, from governance, leadership and culture to data, technology and capability, and  create the  roadmap to lift your maturity


AI Strategy Development

  • Understand how AI could elevate your organisation’s potential with our AI Strategy Development service. ​
  • We co-design a strategic AI vision and explore the transformative changes and novel risks AI will present.​
  • Our co-design process ensures alignment with your priorities, values, and the deep needs of your stakeholders and users.


AI Innovation Accelerator

  • Our AI Innovation Accellerator brings you and your stakeholders together for an intensive 1 – 2 day workshop, where we conduct an opportunity scan, identify and design up to 3 high-potential AI initiatives.​
  • The process will kick-start your AI transition, helping you innovate safely & meaningfully within your priorities.


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