Rodrigo Alarcón


Rodrigo’s deep intent at work and in personal life is helping others develop their potential. He has extensive experience in building ventures and growing social businesses across sectors and industries and leading design and innovation teams.​ Over the last decade, Rodrigo has been working at the interface of strategy, innovation, and sustainability. Most of his time is spent partnering with impactpreneurs and clients to improve their business in “future markets” (precarious, complex, and fast-growing) by introducing social insight and innovation to conceptualise, prototype, test, and scale more robust, resilient, and sustainable solutions.

His exposure to the impact sector has included projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Myanmar and the Philippines where he has gained meaningful experiences in different sectors and innovation projects driving teams and clients through a mixed approach based on design strategy and systems change, and able to help organizations ranging from impact-first startups, impact funds to global development intermediaries, to multinational corporations and government institutions to make evidence-based decisions and building long-term relationships with their stakeholders and customers.