Phoebe Sumpter

Business Designer

Phoebe is a Business Designer at ThinkPlace.  As a Business Designer, Phoebe provides critical support to the successful execution of projects. Responsible for technical delivery, the capture and synthesis of research insights and building a powerful output that will translate the insights into effective, actionable next steps.

With a rural background, Phoebe is passionate about creating meaningful change for people in regional, rural and remote communities, while exploring and sharing their diverse and impactful stories. Her final ethnography at university utilised Phoebe’s skills in qualitative research and participant observation to explore the lives of farming women in rural NSW with a focus on perceived reproductive responsibilities and the impacts of climate.

Phoebe has a keen interest in the arts and culture environment of Australia and believes strongly in equal opportunity and arts accessibility. She also has experience working with local councils, not for profit organisations and charities. 

Phoebe understands the value in approaching people and complex problems with empathy and compassion. With her strong research and critical thinking skills, along with a creatively inclined intelligence, she aims to make a positive change for all during her time at ThinkPlace.

Phoebe holds a Bachelor of Arts.  Graduating in 2022 with a double major in Anthropology and Media Studies.

Work and thoughts

Tackling Fine Debt Inequalities in Regional NSW
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