Michelle Cabanela

Senior Executive Designer

Michelle is an experienced strategist and human-centred designer who works at the intersection of digital transformation, organisation design, and government service design and delivery. She is fuelled by her curiosity in understanding human behaviour, and her drive to contribute to positive outcomes for individuals and societies.

Michelle brings in-depth knowledge of the public sector, where she previously worked on the strategy, design and agile delivery of over 30 digital initiatives, of many which were high priority, large scale complex projects. Her expertise encompasses programs in the areas of Cost of Living, Disaster Response and Economic Recovery. She is passionate about harnessing the power of technology and innovation to enable and empower individuals and communities.

Skilled at facilitating meaningful dialogue, Michelle engages diverse audiences to imagine desired futures together, and to deliver innovative strategies that balance human needs and organisational goals. 

Michelle also brings with her a background in Agile Methodologies, Product Strategy, Product Management and People Leadership, where she is recognised for her abilities in building and leading high-performing multi-disciplinary teams and developing leadership capabilities.