Michelle Angwenyi

Strategic Designer

Michelle Angwenyi is heavily motivated by the potential for interdisciplinarity as fostered by design thinking in resolving difficult social issues. With a background in molecular biology, she is strongly driven by ways of problem-solving that employ a multidisciplinary toolbox in promoting ethical, sustainable and responsible development. Together with her experiences conducting biomedical research, Michelle has previously worked in Kenyan-based start-ups where she has conducted research into the development of waste conversion processes for non-sewered sanitation, and has led projects in the design of new systems for smallholder forestry farmers in rural Kenya. This work has led her into learning the importance of innovative leanings in the execution of solutions to complex problems in their various contexts. As a Centre for Arts, Design and Social Research Fellow, Michelle is always looking for creative, long-lasting ways to synthesize the knowledge and skills learnt in the lab with those from other disciplines.