Michael Bye

General Manager, Digital

Michael is a designer, strategist, facilitator, and storyteller who believes the world’s toughest challenges are solved at the intersection of culture, creativity, and technology. His passion is helping organisations bring purpose to digital through clarity of vision and measured impact. 

Throughout his career, Michael has worked with a diverse client base in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the United States in government and private sectors. He has domain expertise in health, justice, finance, mental health, and sport and has led and managed co-design projects at all levels of government. He has helped start-ups launch products in new markets and has led the design, development, and implementation of enterprise software for multi-national organisations.

Michael knows the realities of building and launching digital products – from mobile apps to cloud based SAAS products. His approach is agile (lowercase ‘a’) and believes that an empowered team, with a clear vision, and a bias towards action can change the world.