Juanita Rodriguez

Managing Director

Juanita is a visionary problem-solver committed to shaping a brighter tomorrow through design-led innovation. She is a seasoned strategist in international development, having several led multi-million-dollar projects in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. She is dedicated to empowering change-makers across the globe.

Juanita loves complexity and is invested in tackling challenging issues faced by humanity and the planet through design-led innovation and radical participatory design. She is passionate about unlocking others creative potential and empowering them to create a better future. She has designed a variety of analytical frameworks to improve the efficiency and impact of several multi-million Social and Behavior Change (SBC) projects. She has vast experience working in the International Development sector in areas such as nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, poverty alleviation, economic inequality, and financial inclusion.

Juanita is the former Director of ThinkPlace US, where she led the ThinkPlace team in charge of delivering Design expertise in the world’s largest SBC grant, the USAID-funded Breakthrough ACTION consortium. She was part of the Leadership and Management Team and was the Human-Centered Design Advisor for the consortium from 2020-2023.

She joined ThinkPlace in 2017 and was part of the ThinkPlace Kenya team based in Nairobi for two years. An extremely creative thinker with the ability to thoughtfully grasp systemic challenges at hand. She is a highly skilled researcher, facilitator and visual designer and excels at uncovering unique insights, communicating graphically complex stories and empowering others to navigate unexplored territories with unique confidence.

Work and thoughts

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