Emily Clay

Business Designer

Emily is passionate about psychological sciences, particularly in human behaviour in health. She strives to make a positive impact in the health and wellbeing of her local community and beyond. Emily uses her skills and interests in psychology and marketing when approaching situations. Emily enjoys working on projects through collaboration, as she believes individual experiences are key when solving complex problems.

Emily’s behavioural science experience has been developed through her studies, working closely with clinical psychologists, and her passion for understanding human behaviour. Emily has a background of working in healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emily is passionate about helping others through effective and tailored communication depending on her audience. This skill flourished during the pandemic, as health workers were a key source of information and comfort for the general public. This experience in healthcare has driven a curiosity in designed solutions for vulnerable communities. Emily has furthered her professional learning through an internship at leading organisations, Manchester City Football Club and City Football Group. Emily worked in hospitality sales and client relations in the UK, which entailed global communications with a diverse group of clients. She grew her professional network by meeting top management, marketing executives and players at Manchester City.

Emily is currently completing her undergraduate bachelor’s degrees in Psychological Science and Business majoring in Marketing. Emily is thoroughly enjoying her studies and has received a Dean’s Excellence Award in the faculty of health. Emily particularly enjoyed discovering the science behind developmental psychology, consumer behaviour and behaviour change. Emily has also lectured at the University of Wollongong discussing gamification design and its application for nutrition students.

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