Eliud Luutsa

Business Designer

Social innovation, design for social impact and change-making have always been close to Eliud’s heart. With over 6 years of experience working at the nexus between technology and social impact – leveraging technology to tackle youth unemployment, educational divide, and corruption – Eliud is a firm believer in technology and innovation as a way to improve all our lives.

With a background in Financial Engineering, Eliud began his career designing scalable behaviour change programs using the Human Centered Design approach. The programs were anchored around SDG 3, SDG 6, SDG 8 and SDG 12. He later transitioned to consulting where he designed strategic plans for NGOs and Businesses across East Africa. He has also designed digital products including an upskilling platform that enables young people to learn digital skills for jobs, earn from freelancing jobs and grow on a global stage and an e-procurement system that automates the public procurement process, detects, and flags anomalies in the bids submitted to predict and combat corruption before it happens. Additionally, Eliud designed the structure of a leadership development program that seeks to upskill young people on social innovation and social entrepreneurship with the goal of creating a new generation of social innovators, social entrepreneurs and changemakers across Africa. He has also volunteered as the Ye! Advisor to the International Trade Centre for Kenya where he built capacities of youth, advocating for their needs and creating a community to support young entrepreneurs in Kenya.

These work experiences have helped Eliud sharpen his technical skills and develop key people skills in leadership, collaboration, storytelling, and networking that help him to comfortably adapt and connect with individuals of different backgrounds, beliefs, socio-cultural inclinations, and economic issues. He has also gained a wealth of experience working with governments, the business community, civil society, funders, and local communities.