Cara Adler

Graduate Designer | Kaitātai Tohu Mātauranga
New Zealand

Cara is a passionate Graduate Designer who cares deeply about helping others to articulate their own unique experiences so that they can find their own solutions. With a Psychology and Cultural Anthropology degree in her toolbox, Cara is well-acquainted with the practice of social mixed-methods research that aims to make our world a better place.

In her previous work as an educational consultant, Cara gained considerable experience in synthesising clients’ stories into clear, framed problems. Through this, clients were often able to find their own solutions. The satisfaction that came with clients experiencing ‘aha moments’ grew Cara’s passion for helping others to find their own voice and agency within their complex worlds. This also sparked her keen interest in complex systems thinking.

From her 6+ years of experience working with people with a diverse range of learning needs and thinking styles, including neurodiverse and disabled people, Cara takes a creative approach to communication. She puts huge effort into communicating in a diverse range of ways depending on what suits her audience best.

In Cara’s portfolio are many research proposals and case studies, an A- average in her degree and a handbook on working with people with learning-related disabilities.

Cara’s main takeaway from her past research projects is this: we may be the scientists, but you as the client or participant are the expert of your own story.