Bill Bannear

Managing Director

Bill believes in the designer’s creed – that the world ought to be better, and can be. With nearly a decade of public service experience, he is focused on making governments and international institutions the best they can be.

Bill knows that solving a complex problem isn’t about being the smartest person in the room – it’s about creating the smartest room. He facilitates diverse groups of people to solve problems. Whether it’s mixing senior and junior staff, different business areas within an organisation, or government, industry and citizen perspectives, he uses simple, but powerful, co-design methods to overcome intractable problems.

Bill works with whole agencies, divisions, branches and non-government organisations to design strategy, policy and governance. He is consistently highly rated by workshop participants as a creative, engaging facilitator who balances discipline, flexibility and sensitivity.

He specialises in representing complex concepts in simple ways that foster shared ‘mental models’ and meaningful dialogue. System maps, operating models, value maps, roadmaps, blueprints – these are all artefacts that help people understand their shared system and how they relate to it.

Bill’s domain experience includes law enforcement, intelligence, regulation, parliamentary affairs and economic development.

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