Betsy Dixon

Office & Venue Manager

Betsy loves to make people feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re a visitor or member of the team, Betsy’s aim is to make you feel at ease.

Betsy excels in making sure people have everything they need to make their events a success – all the details like food, drink, stationery and equipment, for everything from cosy catch-ups to large-scale workshops.

Betsy ensures the office is fully stocked – not only with the usual supplies, but with the ‘little things’ that make work warm and friendly: —an enticing pantry, healthy snacks, someone’s favourite pens.

Betsy has a background in administration and has worked in the United States, Cyprus and Indonesia. She’s honed her public speaking and compere skills over many years of involvement with non-profits and community organisations, and is currently the host of a weekly show on community radio in Canberra.