Asaph Change

Strategic Designer

Asaph is a passionate creative with an overwhelming love for design. He combines innovative design-led approaches and uses art and visual communication to simplify the complex.

An avid storyteller, Asaph thrives to deeply understand and uncover human narratives. He expertly uncovers the nuances behind and within people’s words and behaviour – allowing for designs that are both strategic and user-centred.

He believes that a story not told well is a story untold, and that the true measure of impact is how well we understand the end user, and their involvement throughout the design process.

Asaph is a highly skilled visual and information designer who designs tools and products that create genuine empathy with the user, and are easy to use and digest.

Asaph has designed research that has enabled him to gain deeper insights into what it means to be ’voiceless’ in Kenya, and has conducted research with users in low-income communities to understand their motivators and decision-making process when they face life events that require fundraising and movements of communities to action.

Asaph brings to ThinkPlace diverse design skills gained from eight years’ in one of Kenya’s leading media firms.