Arthur Arvin Bo

Business Designer | ThinkPlace Philippines

Arvin is a graduate of BS Psychology who is passionate in understanding human behavior and culture. With over six years of experience in market research specializing in qualitative research, he has honed his skills in various methodologies, such as focus group discussion, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies. ​

His market research experience spans various business practice areas, including market strategy, innovation, branding and communication. He has worked with industries such as FMCG, banking, and automotive. Furthermore, Arvin has engaged in political and social research, collaborating with international financial institutions and development agencies. He has also worked with communities in war-torn regions, and geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA).​

Moreover, Arvin has a background in healthcare research, particularly in oncology, rare diseases, and public health. His projects primarily focus on understanding patient journeys and identifying pain points to improve healthcare services.

Arvin holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from De La Salle University-Manila​. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in Medical Anthropology, as he aspires to contribute to the healthcare field by adopting a multi-level understanding of health as they relate to culture, society, politics, and economics.