ThinkPlace Australia joins Synergy Group


We are excited to announce that ThinkPlace Australia has joined leading professional services firm, Synergy Group.

For over 18 years, we’ve partnered with government, not-for-profits, and private sector businesses to design solutions with significant social impact. Our longevity as a brand is underpinned by our constant evolution. By joining Synergy Group, we’re evolving, and in doing so, strengthening our position in the market.

Founded in Canberra in 1999, Synergy Group has since expanded to include offices across East Australia, employing almost 500 specialist staff in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Now, Synergy Group is the leading Australian-owned professional services firm providing multi-disciplinary transformation consulting and managed services to government.

Our collective vision is ambitious and clear: to be the leading consultancy for government across Australia, both in National and State government projects. The combination of the two firms’ capabilities will provide Synergy Group’s clients with a full end-to-end service from strategy, innovation and design to transformation delivery services to managed services in support of their largest and most complex projects.

Our founder, John Body, says the decision to join forces with Synergy Group was impact-driven. “Joining Synergy Group is a significant step, yet it feels like a natural one.  Our teams share aligned values, ethics, and a commitment to positive change. The partnership will enhance each teams’ capabilities and ultimately lead to greater impact for our clients.”​

CEO of Synergy Group Australia, Robert Kennedy says “In embracing ThinkPlace Australia, Synergy Group forms a stronger business in all our offices, driving further growth and innovation, and creating even more value for our employees, customers and stakeholders.

“A great deal of thought and planning has gone in to bringing these two companies together. It’s our public declaration that we are leaning in, looking at opportunities to contribute to Australia’s biggest government programs, and backing ourselves to adapt to current market conditions,” said Mr Kennedy.

Synergy Group’s Chair, Lucille Halloran says “With the current disruption in the Australian consulting market, the Synergy Group / ThinkPlace Australia combination provides a true sovereign alternative to our multi-national competitors with the breadth and depth of capabilities to address our clients most complex and strategic challenges.

We are one year into our three-year strategic intent to strengthen our service offering, expand our capabilities, and grow our presence across Australia. ThinkPlace Australia joining the Synergy Group is a significant step in this journey.

Image: In the front row, Robert Kennedy, CEO of Synergy Group Australia; Lucille Halloran, Synergy Group’s Chair. Standing behind, Dr Nina Terrey, ThinkPlace Partner; Darren Menachemson, ThinkPlace Partner; John Body, ThinkPlace Founding Partner.

This partnership directly affects ThinkPlace Australia. Our New Zealand, Singapore and Global Development teams will continue to operate independently, maintaining a commitment to serving their respective markets and clients.

For any questions, please reach out to Alice Jeffries (Marketing Manager at ThinkPlace) at