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Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) Strategy

Operating an NGO in western Kenya with over 100 staff can be challenging, in particular when working in the space of public health and fostering local social enterprises. SWAP has been doing so for over 10 years and has encountered some difficulties in recent times.
Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)
Strategy and policy design, Community engagement
Project Team
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They have found it increasingly difficult to attract good quality community health representatives, they  have had to navigate adverse market conditions, and also SWAP has experienced higher than usual fraud and corruption.

ThinkPlace worked with SWAP and Innovations In Healthcare (SEAD) to run a user-centric strategic design process. First, ThinkPlace brought together the entire organisation to discuss the current competitive landscape and the challenges they are experiencing on the ground. This was a critical contribution to the overall strategy as it allowed the staff to genuinely contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation, while generating excitement and engagement in their collective future vision.

ThinkPlace then facilitated a more focused 2 day session with the senior leadership team. The original objective of this 2 day workshop was to refine the strategic plan, but it became clear that in the backdrop of recent events, the leadership team was now fractured. ThinkPlace facilitated the team to design strategies to improve on this entrenched dynamic so that the organisation could respond to these adverse events from a stronger position.

By pivoting on the focus of the workshop, ThinkPlace helped the team become stronger, be better positioned to work through these issues and re-center around the their “why”: the reason they were working with SWAP in the first place. We had also co-designed a comprehensive strategy which outlined how the organisation will respond to the challenges it was facing, and also grow and strengthen in the next 3 years. The full strategic document can be found here.

<p>Safe Water and AIDS project is a Kenyan registered NGO with programs and research operating for 11 years in Western Kenya. SWAP has a sustainable distribution model of health and hygiene products which are sold from door to door by trained community health promoters from 11 Jamii centers in remote and underserved areas. SWAP has a research department evaluating the health and economic impact of health interventions, technologies and products.</p>