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Helping employers achieve workplace gender equality

Gender equality is an increasingly important issue in Australian workplaces. Employers understand that reducing the gender gap will increase their organisation’s performance. They are looking for advice and initiatives that will improve the composition of their workforce so all their employees can thrive.
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The Workplace Gender Equality Agency collects data about Australia’s private sector workforce and provides advice, tools and education to employers. The Agency asked ThinkPlace to create a plan that will make their information more accessible for employers, increase its use, and broaden the reach and impact of the information.

We began with research, first speaking with Agency staff to find out how they managed and published their information. We then studied their website analytics to understand how the website was being used before asking the Agency’s audiences and stakeholders about their needs.

We found that audiences and stakeholders used a wider range of the Agency’s content than expected to learn and source inspiration for new initiatives.

Working closely with staff, we helped the Agency translate the research insights into a vision for meeting these new and evolving needs for information. We then developed a digital roadmap that explained how to get there with clear and prioritised steps towards increasing the impact of the Agency’s content. 

Staff responded to our workshops and focus groups throughout the project with positive energy and the digital roadmap was received enthusiastically by Executive, who are now working to implement the high priority recommendations.

With this plan in place, employers will be able to find the information they need to improve the gender balance in their workforce and the Agency will be able to use its own resources to see greater impact in organisations.

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