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Building a service culture to support Defence people

Building a service culture to support Defence people

It can be challenging to maintain a human-centered focus in one of Australia’s largest public institutions. The human resources team at the Department of Defence needed to improve their customer service as they were receiving a rising number of customer complaints.
Building a service culture to support Defence people

Our researchers travelled to Defence locations around Australia to understand the customer experience and found a significant need for change. Applying our research and working closely with the human resources team, we developed a new, human-centred approach to delivering services.

Together we designed and developed a new Service Offer. In practice this included a new customer-centred service model, an operational blueprint and redesigning the online tool for customers. We co-designed these new tools and changes by involving over 200 customers and nearly every area of Defence.

After the new Service Offer was implemented, we worked with the team to measure how successfully they were making the change. We engaged directly with business areas throughout Defence to understand how they were progressing and sparked greater pace, energy and commitment to its central ethos.

Our work improved the customer experience of human services at Defence and the experience of human resources staff. It improved the relevance of their work as providers of capability, services, and policy for Defence people.

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