Shannon Viall

Business Designer

Shannon Viall is a multi-talented professional who believes the development of impactful solutions lies in the empathetic and interconnected understanding of the needs of community, environment, and technology. She has used her background in visual communications, user research, and user experience design to support clients in improving the way they engage with their communities and teams to drive organisational enhancement.

Deeply interested in the field of digital transformation in social environments, focusing on digital safety, she understands the power of technology to revolutionise the way we live, work, and communicate, and is passionate about helping organizations navigate this complex and ever-changing landscape. Shannon’s expertise in visual communications has also played a crucial role in her work. She understands the power of images and design to communicate complex ideas and emotions and has created a range of visual aids and infographics to help people better understand the concepts of consent, healthy relationships, biodiversity and waste data visualisation. Furthermore, she is an accomplished user researcher and user experience designer. She has worked with a range of clients across multiple industries to better understand their users’ needs and create effective, user-friendly products and services.

Overall, Shannon’s diverse background and skillset have made her a respected thought leader in the fields of consent education, digital safety, visual communications, user research, and user experience design. Her passion for helping people communicate authentically and effectively shines through in all of her work, and she is dedicated to creating a safer, better equipped world for all.