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The six things you need to build an ethical organisation

ThinkPlace can help your organisation navigate ethical questions

Without ethics, man has no future. This is to say, mankind without them cannot be itself. Ethics determine choices and actions and suggest difficult priorities.

John Berger

Rightly or wrongly, the business of right and wrong has become a booming industry.

A change you can't communicate is no change at all...

strategic communication is a vital part of any successful transformation

It’s a failure rate that is stunning.

Major corporate transformation programs – the kind that routinely follow months or years of planning (and investment of astronomical resources) -  have a success rate of less than 50 per cent.

In fact, some experts say it is as low as 20 per cent.

And if you are missing this one crucial part of the puzzle it won’t matter how long you plan or how much you spend. Failure to make your change stick and become part of your organisation’s culture is assured.

Making the right call under pressure (tennis lessons for design thinkers)

ThinkPlace designer Susan Atkinson at the tennis

In high performance culture the difference between success and failure can be a fine line.

Around five centimetres to be exact.

That’s the width of the lines at Melbourne Park where ThinkPlace Senior Executive Designer and Australian Open Grand Slam line judge Susan Atkinson is currently spending her days and nights.

How the gamification revolution is changing workplace culture

A connect four board game

Whether you are a medium-sized family company, a government agency or Amazon – the world’s largest brand - chances are you employ people.

And there are sometimes things that you want those people to do more of.

Important things.

How we tipped the rules of HR completely upside down (and you can too)

ThinkPlace staff at work
United States

What if you picked your boss out of a hat?

And what if they weren’t really your boss at all?

It might sound a little far-fetched – Harry Potter meets HR department – but it’s a way of doing things that our company invented seven years ago and which has transformed the culture and structure of our business in ways we hoped for but did not imagine would be so powerful.

What Australia's embattled banks can learn from a chocolate bar...

Piggy bank under water

“Bank the way you want.”

“Our focus is on improving customer experience and building trust.”

When you surf the websites of Australia’s largest financial institutions the picture is of an industry obsessed with putting customers first.

Take, for example, the investment specialists who list their top priority for 2018 as: “Continuing the customer-centred transformation of our business.”

That’s AMP.

What is a CEthO? And does your organisation need one?

Banana peel

It's a big question that many organisations are grappling with: How to be a successful, expanding company in a crowded marketplace whilst also ensuring you operate ethically and responsibly at all times?

During the past decade the idea of taking a more structured approach to corporate ethics has gained some momentum. We now see an increasing number of companies employing Chief Ethics Officers, Ethics and Compliance Officers or even the snappy-sounding CethO.

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