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The unlimited potential of digital workshops...

The unlimited potential of digital workshops at ThinkPlace

We’ve all been there. The connection wobbles and drops out. Somebody’s mic is off. One participant has the wrong link. Another has unreliable WIFI.  

“Call them on their mobile; put them on loudspeaker…” 

Welcome to videoconference hell. 

Impact across Asia: ThinkPlace Singapore in 2018 and beyond...

ThinkPlace Singapore team

Singapore is changing fast. As a nation, it is on a path to an ambitious and future-facing digital transformation while continuing to grow as a regional hub for ASEAN countries and Asia more broadly.

For ThinkPlace’s fast-growing Singapore studio, these themes – so integral to the continued importance of the city-state – are inextricably bound to our own rapid growth across 2018 and beyond.

What governments can learn from Google's and YouTube's ethical fail

Youtube will demonetise and age-restrict ElsaGate videos
United States

Peppa Pig weeps as a dentist shoves a needle into her mouth, then screams as he brutally extracts her teeth. 

What we learned while working on the DTA's 'Vision 2025' blueprint

ThinkPlace worked with the DTA on the future of digital government strategy

Australia’s 2025 Digital Transformation Strategy is about delivering a vision for all Australians to thrive in an age of data and technology. It’s the most ambitious digital strategy ever prepared for the Australian public sector.

Strengthening communities, one selfie at a time...

selfies from the collection

Selfies get a bad rap.

If you believe what you read, they are responsible for a global rise in narcissism, risky behaviors occasioning death and the damage of public property.

But does it have to be that way? How might we instead build on the positive, broader social impacts of selfies and what would those impacts be? ThinkPlace tackled these questions with the State Library of New South Wales when they wanted to redevelop their permanent exhibition galleries to be stunning, stereotype-challenging and focused on portraiture.

Meet Bill Bannear: Our new Singapore General Manager

Bill Bannear in Singapore

Bill Bannear has built an impressive record, working with governments in Australia and around the world to improve the lives of people using principles of human-centred design.

But he’s always had Singapore in his blood.

Now, as the newly-appointed head of ThinkPlace’s Singapore design studio, Bannear arrives with a head full of family history but with both eyes firmly on the future.

The mistake we keep making around Artificial Intelligence (and how to avoid it)

Two faces made of circuits
United States

When Elon Musk talks, people tend to listen. There is nothing artificial about the Tesla founder’s intelligence.

But recently, Musk came forward with a statement that contained a slight downgrade of his usually-interstellar confidence.

Digital accessibility is for all

A refreshable braille display

During a recent project, one of our user testers—I’ll call him “Mark”—said something that struck me.

We were reviewing the accessibility of an online tool and Mark, who is blind, said: “Meeting accessibility guidelines isn’t just for a person with a physical impairment. It also helps someone who experiences anxiety or someone whose first language isn’t English”.

Mark’s words reminded me that accessible digital design benefits everyone. It creates more inclusive content, capable of reaching a wider audience.

Guiding global leadership in a digital space

Guiding global leadership in a digital space


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