About ThinkPlace


ThinkPlace is a strategic design consultancy that specialises in transforming complex systems that deliver public value, so they are more efficient and work better for people and society.

We help public sector leaders:

  • Design integrated regulatory systems that provide a positive experience for clients and staff
  • Improve the efficiency, the effectiveness and the user experience of their services, work practices and business processes
  • Respond quickly and effectively to policy mandates by designing administrative systems that work operationally and meet the intended purpose
  • Build the capability to deliver on government improvement and innovation change agendas

We understand complex government systems:

We have broad experience across multiple government agencies and public sector organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Our clients include:

  • Department of Human Services (40,000 employees, 28% of the Australia Public Sector)
  • Australian Tax Office (24,000 employees, 14.6% of the Australian Public Service)
  • Customs Australia (5940 employees, 3.6% of the Australian Public Service)
  • Department of Justice (3068 employees, 7% of New Zealand Public Sector)
  • Department of Internal Affairs (1964 employees, 4.5% of New Zealand Pubic Sector).

Most ThinkPlace employees have been public servants. All ThinkPlace partners have established and run innovative user-centred design capabilities in large public sector organisations.

Our approach is unique and proven

ThinkPlace’s design approach helps our clients view their challenges from a different perspective. We have an authentic focus on people, their experiences and opportunities for innovation.

We work from a deep understanding of government service delivery, regulation and compliance, but quickly drive towards designing the desired future state.

In designing toward the future, we:

  • Build a full understanding of people’s behaviour using proven research methods
  • Develop concepts for change together with clients
  • Prototype and test ideas early, then develop them into initiatives to strengthen the organisation
  • Develop capacity through all our engagements to ensure solutions can be sustained.